Surbma | GDPR Proof Cookie Consent & Notice Bar

Finally a plugin, that makes your Cookie management GDPR proof.

It’s Time for GDPR!

May 25, 2018 is gone. Everybody has to prepare their website for the GDPR and it is not easy. WordPress supports GDPR by user data management from the 4.9.6 version. It is awesome, but Cookie tracking is not a core function. This plugin makes your WordPress website GDPR proof by asking visitors for tracking consent. Your WordPress website visitors can choose to accept or decline tracking.

Premium upgrade is available for only 19.9 USD in the plugin.

It’s a Fantastic Cookie Management WordPress Plugin!

The GDPR Proof Cookies WordPress Plugin is a great standalone Cookie management plugin, that makes your website GDPR proof. See all these awesome features:

Gourgeous Popups

Choose from predefined themes! The Full Page Theme is hiding the entire content. There are other design settings too. Dark mode is also available.

Full Customizations

Every text is customizable, even the button’s texts! You can also set the design of the buttons.

Cookie Policy Support

Set youy Cookie Policy page, where the popup won’t load for visitors. Google Analytics tracking code is not loading on this page!

Google Analytics Tracking

It’s not just another Google Analytics plugin. You can set IP Anonymization, choose the tracking script, you want and there are other options for tracking code.

Cookie Control

Set cookie expiration for visitors, so the popup won’t show again in X days, you set.

Developer Friendly

If you enable debug mode, popup will show always, on every refresh, so you can test how it works.
Premium upgrade is available for only 19.9 USD in the plugin.

Is this plugin really GDPR compatible?

This WordPress plugin shows a simple popup for every new visitors with two options: accept or decline the Cookie tracking. If the visitor declines tracking, tracking codes won’t send any data to Google, Facebook or any other services. This WordPress plugin gives you all the tools to make your Cookie tracking GDPR proof, but it is your responsibility to use it the right way.

Visitor Tracking Consent

IP Anonymization for Google Analytics

Pro upgrade is available for only 19.9 USD in the plugin.

Why Google Analytics is not GDPR Proof by default?

Website URLs can contain sensitive informations, like user names, order informations, even phone numbers. Collected IP informations can also be included under the GDPR.

Long URLs

URLs can contain sensitive informations: user names, order informations, etc.

Collecting IP

IP informations can be included under personal and sensitive data.

Cookie Policy

You have to explicitly ask your visitors for cookie consent.

Controller vs Processor

Google is the data Processor but you are the data Controller.
Pro upgrade is available for only 19.9 USD in the plugin.
Limited Liability

This WordPress Plugin is a tool, not a Legal Service…

This WordPress plugin does not substitute any legal adequacy. Texts, that are displayed in the popup are edited by the user of this WordPress plugin and I do not take any responsibility regarding GDPR adequacy or any future change.

We are using cookies on our website

Please confirm, if you accept our tracking cookies. You can also decline the tracking, so you can continue to visit our website without any data sent to third party services.